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🏆 Over 290,000 salesRelease date: 05/17/2013
Russian language
Activation platform: Steam
Activation and game region: Russia and other CIS countries

Deep beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, in the crumbling subway tunnels, the remnants of humanity struggle to survive. Hordes of mutants are storming the last refuges of the surviving people.

But instead of uniting, the metro stations have split into warring factions that are fighting each other for control of the metro. A real civil war has begun underground, which could wipe out humanity from the face of the earth.
•You are Artyom, and you have the key to the survival of humanity - the last ray of light in this dark time...
•Exciting first-person shooter Metro: Last Light is the long-awaited sequel to Metro 2033, which was warmly received by critics.
•Use numerous homemade weapons in battle against humans and mutants, or stealthily kill your enemies under the cover of darkness.
•Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world of the Moscow metro - one of the most exciting worlds ever created by man.
•Fight for every bullet in this wonderful mixture of first-person shooter and horror.
•New generation technologies are amazing with sophisticated lighting and game physics./delivery
01.12.2023 4:24:14
все отлично товар пришел
03.09.2023 17:52:07
всё чётко
28.10.2022 14:13:52
21.10.2022 14:19:30
Ключ активин все отлично )
12.07.2022 20:27:10
Супер, все работает и крутится)
04.07.2022 10:36:44
Спасибо! Все пришло!
29.06.2022 21:33:05
Спасибо всё пришло моментально
29.06.2022 11:59:10
Всё работает отлично
29.06.2022 11:46:45
Всё чётко.
26.06.2022 16:59:54
Оплатил, активировал в стим (регион РФ). Всё норм
15.06.2022 16:17:10
все супер
23.05.2022 20:15:28
15.05.2022 19:55:11
Все ок спасибо
03.05.2022 21:24:27
Активировал, спасибо!
04.02.2022 17:27:18
Прислали заверенную игру, все отлично

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