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After payment you will receive the key to the game Metro Exodus - Gold Edition.

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Languages: Russian
Region: No regional restrictions
Release Date: February 22, 2019
Activation: Steam

The Gold Edition includes:
• Game - Metro Exodus.
• Season pass.

** Description of the game **

It´s time to return to the oppressive atmosphere of the world buried under radioactive dust. The continuation of the famous shooter about a nuclear apocalypse and people who survived the disaster was called Metro: Exodus and will tell you a new story of Artyom, who left the chamber dungeons of the Moscow metro and went in search of a new home.
The release of the licensed game from 4K Games is scheduled for February 22, 2019. Now Artyom has to face the horrors of the surface in an open world that seems to take us back to the universe of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
The game Metro: Exodus starts immediately after the events of Metro: Last Light and once again invites you to put on an anti-radiation suit and put on the skin of Artyom, the protagonist of the Metro 2033 series and book. Having got out of the cramped corridors of the subway, he, along with a group of rangers, sets off on a journey through post-nuclear Russia hoping to find a new home for himself and his wife Anna. Despite the danger of this undertaking, Artyom decides that nothing can stop him on his way to the east: neither the harsh nuclear winter, nor the dangers of a dead world inhabited by madmen.
Pre-order Metro: Exodus now and get ready to go. Fly like a breeze on a train through the Russian wastelands and become the first to overcome the nuclear winter and the terrible mutants that flooded the cities and the once flourishing steppes.
Key Features of Metro: Exodus:
• Study. The expanses of our vast homeland are open before you, which you can travel from edge to edge on the Aurora train. Don´t be afraid to step outside the safe carriage, because who knows, maybe you will not only find useful components in the wasteland, but also meet people who also survived the disaster.
• Survive. Outside the subway there are no less dangerous opponents. Mutants, bandits, crazy - find an approach to everyone, study, survive in the nuclear expanses with an impressive arsenal of weapons.
• Listen. Traveling across Russia, you will meet many people and hear many stories. The plot of Metro: Exodus will not leave indifferent neither fans of the series nor newcomers to the genre.
• Experiment. A non-linear adventure awaits you in the atmosphere of a new world destroyed by war. The fate of Artyom and his companions depends only on you - your actions will affect what awaits them in the future.
28.11.2023 20:16:41
Быстро, четко.
28.11.2023 11:44:28
Моментально и ключ у меня, спасибо.
27.11.2023 21:18:25
Все супер!
26.11.2023 18:45:46
После оплаты сразу же получил ключ и активировал, благодарю
26.11.2023 14:43:01
26.11.2023 12:09:59
Все прошло моментально, рекомендую!
08.10.2023 13:47:37
07.10.2023 23:17:51
супер быстро.
20.09.2023 1:13:15
супер быстро, спасибо!
19.09.2023 0:07:54
Все отлично, оплачивал криптой, 2 минуты и ключ у меня, все активировалось)
02.09.2023 14:50:53
ключ акктивирован
09.08.2023 1:46:52
Моментально и все круто
05.08.2023 17:54:50
01.08.2023 13:25:21
12.07.2023 16:54:38

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