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✅To activate, you will need to add a payment method (cards issued NOT in Russia or CIS countries) Do not buy if you do not have a card.
✅This is a Gift link/code by following which you get 3 months of Discord Nitro! Read the information below:
Your account must be more than 30 days old.
✅ Discord subscriptions should not be active on it. And earlier subscriptions should not have been activated either.
✅If you are from Russia or CIS countries, use a VPN USA
🆘If you have a white screen, change the language in the browser version of Discord to English,US.
🆘If you get the "Unknown gift" error, use a VPN service (For example, HoxxVPN for the browser) and switch the country.

📌 NITRO can ONLY be activated on new accounts where there were no NITRO, CLASSIC and boost subscriptions before ⚡

If there were any subscriptions before, NITRO WILL NOT WORK, when activated you will receive an error message "Already purchased"! In this case, you can activate the link for a new account or give it away.

📌All keys are made manually and verified. There are no used ones. There is no refund.

💳Also, to activate, you will need to add a payment method (cards issued not in Russia or CIS countries), which after activation is better to delete so that there will be no write-offs in 3 months!💳
The steps of deleting the card: Settings - Subscriptions - Cancel subscription
Invoicing - Untie the card

❗ All links are made by hand and checked before sending!❗

To avoid controversial situations, start recording the screen from the moment of purchase to the moment of activation, this will be your guarantee.
In other cases, replacements and refunds are not accepted!

✅ To get 3 months of Discord Nitro, you need to add a payment method, Russian Federation CARDS WILL NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!(the money will not be debited), then do not forget to disable automatic payment.
How to untie?
Settings - Subscriptions - Cancel subscription - Billing - Unlink card (Subscription will not disappear).
To activate Discord Nitro, you do not have to have an Active Subscription to the Nitro/Boost Server!
A Discord Nitro subscription gives users access to the following features:

✅Installation of an animated GIF avatar.
✅The ability to use animated emojis.
✅The ability to use custom emojis everywhere (if the user has the right to use external emojis on the server).
✅The maximum size of downloads has been changed from 8 MB to 100 MB or 50 MB with Nitro Classic.
✅The ability to display the screen in 720p 60fps or 1080p 30fps.
✅Discord Nitro badge icon in the profile.
✅The possibility of changing your discriminator. (Note: If your Nitro subscription expires, your discriminator will be randomly selected).
✅Server Boost to give your favorite server exclusive bonuses and a cool icon [With regular Nitro - 2 free boosts, with Nitro Classic you will have to buy each boost separately].
✅A special icon in the profile showing everyone that you support Discord.
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