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iTunes Gift Card 500 rub. to replenish the Russian account in iTunes.

Immediately after the purchase, you will receive 1 code with a face value of 500 rubles

If necessary, you can always write to me in the chat and I will prepare the required amount for you with one code.

iTunes Gift Card is a full-fledged means of payment, with such cards you can pay for any purchases in the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store without restrictions.

Using an iTunes Gift Card is similar to activating a promo code for an app. On the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to open the App Store and at the bottom of the Featured tab, click "Enter Code" and rewrite the card code.

You can redeem a gift card from your computer in iTunes. In the iTunes Store tab at the very bottom of the page, select "Enter Code". And activate the card code.

Official gift card activation instructions:
07.12.2023 9:06:55
07.12.2023 6:50:16
06.12.2023 18:58:45
05.12.2023 18:22:51
Покупаю второй раз у этого продавца, спасибо за еще один сертификат. Кстати способ оплаты юмани не юзайте там комиссия 100₽ (сам банк взымает)
04.12.2023 11:09:44
Мгновенная доставка. Код рабочий, пополнил баланс без проблем!
03.12.2023 18:56:58
02.12.2023 16:51:42
всё круто
02.12.2023 11:59:29
Very fast, you can buy
30.11.2023 18:24:42
Без лишних заморочек, топ
29.11.2023 18:01:57
Все отлично, все очень быстро
29.11.2023 17:04:49
Все отлично!
29.11.2023 15:18:23
Отличный продавец, рекомендую)
29.11.2023 14:58:54
Все четко
28.11.2023 13:57:34
Все отлично!!!!
27.11.2023 16:33:07
Все хорошо!

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