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🔒You are purchasing official merchandise purchased from licensed NINTENDO dealers. The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by Belconsole - the first international group of companies (and not an individual) on Plati.ru, as well as personally by its founder - Vladimir Bychinov. We are not a private individual who bought keys from third parties, without an exact source of origin of the goods.
You buy a US$10 Nintendo eShop Card License Activation Key.We are an international company of five legal entities. We have been working since 2008, we are official dealers of all major distributors in the CIS. We are engaged in retail, wholesale, online and digital trade of video games in three CIS countries.Belconsole is the only distributor of digital games in the CIS that has a physical store.
Our store has served more than 700 thousand purchases only on plati.ru************************************************** **********
Activation: Nintendo eShop
Publishers: Nintendo
►Activation Region: America / USA
► Denomination: 10 USD
******************************************************* ******

If you want to switch from the current region, then change the region to the United States in your profile, also specify a tax-free state</ attention>!!!IMPORTANT!!!If you have money on your eShop account, then when you go to another region, they will burn outHow to activate?
1. Log in to Nintendo eShop from the menu on your console
2. Tap on Menu in the top left corner of the bottom screen
3. Select Use download code
4. Enter the 16-digit download code on the screen that appears/delivery/attentionattentionUse purchased codes as soon as possible and do not use them for accumulation or resale/attention
• You buy from an international, family-owned company with high values, not from a private individual.
• Games that we sell on Plati.ru - http://profb.shop/monger/118855
• We have been working since 2008 and have served more than 1,000,000 clients during this time.
• Only on plati we have more than 700,000 sales and more than 8,500 positive reviews over the past year.
• We sell a wide range of products at record low prices on the internet.
• The official level of webmoney Business Level is over 1200.
• We are the official dealer of all the largest distributors in the CIS.
• After the purchase, if you are satisfied with everything, please write a review below the product, this is very important for us.
• If you have difficulties with activation, please write below under the product in the correspondence.
• To do this, click on the chat button, as shown on this screen http://prntscr.com/gft7zi
• We cannot solve technical support with keys by skype, phone, etc. Only by correspondence under the product.
• By making a purchase, you agree with the description of the product and are sure that this is exactly the product that you need
• Keys distributed by digital distribution, purchased by mistake (through the buyer´s carelessness), are not subject to exchange and return.
• When making a purchase, carefully study the description of the product - activation regions, release dates (if it is a pre-order), activation platforms.
14.10.2023 20:17:52
всё отлично, спасибо!
08.09.2023 2:53:33
Всё отлично работает
11.08.2023 21:47:14
Всё классно! Советую
11.08.2023 21:46:49
Всё классно! Советую
11.08.2023 21:46:29
Всё классно! Советую
11.08.2023 14:15:07
пришло моментально спасибо большое)
27.05.2023 15:24:23
+++ Спасибо +++
27.05.2023 15:24:18
+++ Спасибо +++
27.05.2023 15:24:14
+++ Спасибо +++
26.03.2023 15:41:54
Все отлично
20.03.2023 2:36:58
Все отлично, пришло моментально.
08.03.2023 13:28:58
Спасибо продавцу, код активировал, всё ок
01.03.2023 18:12:02
Купил, активировал, а код уже был активирован кем-то! Но мне помогли, написали в чат, вина не продавца, как я понимаю. К покупке рекомендую, продавец честный, но всякое бывает)
02.10.2022 4:26:13
всё ок
24.09.2022 12:14:21
Приходит моментально. Все вводится. Рекомендую.

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