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❓How the whole process happens❓✔️Method No. 1 Gift (only as a gift of a game/DLC/Donut that can be given)
1. 🔹You select games on Steam, add them to your cart, see their cost in $
2. 🔹Enter this cost into the calculator near the payment button, the system will automatically calculate how many Rubles or $ you will need to pay
3. 🔹Pay for the order and on the order page write to me what games you want me to GIVE you, accept me as a friend and accept the gift.❗❗This method is completely safe❗❗✔️Method No. 2 Add as a friend and receive balance as a gift after 72 hours
1. 🔹You decide how much balance you need for your account
2. 🔹Accept us as friends and after 72 hours you will receive balance as a gift (previously impossible due to Steam rules)
❗❗IMPORTANT. You can top up your balance only by an amount that is divisible by 5 without leaving a minimum amount of $10. For example: $20, $25, $30, $40, etc. (the sum must end in 5 or 0).
The seller is NOT RESPONSIBLE if, after replenishing your balance, your region rolls back/changes to any other (usually this does not happen, but anything can happen in the future), by purchasing a replenishment, you agree to this❗❗ There are also risks for new accounts or recently created ones (or created a long time ago, but there is little activity) by replenishing such an account - you replenish at your own peril and risk❗❗❗❗❗❗❗Services are provided to the region 🌏Argentina.
Make sure that your region is Argentina (https://store.steampowered.com/account/store_transactions/) - here you can find out your region❗❗❗❗❗❗❗FAQ for those who have questions:❓ Logging in to my account❓
🔹No, I won’t need to log into your accountdelivery❓Do I need to wait several days for a gift❓
🔹No, gifts arrive during business hours from 5 minutes to a day (sometimes there are delays due to problems with steam)

🔹🔹⌚Working hours: 11:00 (am) - 2:00 (night) Moscow time (MSK)⌚✔️
🔹🔹VPN/Proxies etc. to accept a gift✔️/deliverydelivery❓Do I need to disable STEAM GUARD or log out of my account❓
🔹No, you don’t need to disable GUARD, you don’t need to log out, all you have to do is leave me a link to your account, accept me as a friend and receive a gift/deliverydelivery❓How to buy goods from me❓

🔹🔹Pay in any convenient way✔️
🔹🔹Send a unique code on the page (received after payment), a link to your account and tell us what game to give you✔️
🔹🔹You will receive the product as a gift to your steam account within 5-10 minutes✔️/delivery/attention
05.12.2023 21:03:37
Советую! Быстро и качественно!
05.12.2023 18:04:14
Быстро и надежно, все пришло
02.12.2023 21:48:56
29.11.2023 21:00:13
Как всегда все быстро и качественно!
26.11.2023 1:14:04
Все быстро
22.11.2023 22:57:13
Всё супер!
через 5 минут игра подарком была у меня.
24.10.2023 23:05:00
24.10.2023 23:02:48
пока все хорошо +rep
24.10.2023 17:46:43
Всё очень быстро пришло, всё замечательно
24.10.2023 17:45:09
сделано всё как надо, не обманул)
24.10.2023 13:53:46
пока все хорошо +rep
23.10.2023 23:39:35
Продавец лучший просто!, оплатил, написал, через 2 минуты пришел подарок,РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!
23.10.2023 21:40:20
много раз покупал и каждый раз все топ)
23.10.2023 12:09:44
Отличный продавец!
23.10.2023 12:07:57

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