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🌐 Nitro is purchased through the Discord store - everything is OFFICIAL and SAFE 🌐
⚡ We guarantee 100% functionality of the subscription for its entire duration. ⚡
🌍 Nitro works worldwide and in ANY country! 🌍
⏱ The subscription will be processed within 10-15 minutes after READING your messages.
🔥 Profile decorations and effects are given FOREVER 🔥
🎉 You can see how the effects and decorations look live here -> https://discord.com/shop/fullscreen 🎉➡️ Subscriptions (with account login): Nitro 1/2/6 months | 1/2 years + 2 boosts (Full), Nitro 1 month (Basic) - can be activated on ANY ACCOUNT. When purchasing these subscriptions or decorations/effects, a partial refund is possible (-35% of the amount received by the seller BEFORE the product is issued).attention➡️ When purchasing PROMO Nitro 1 month + 2 boosts (Full), keep in mind that it can only be activated on an account that has never had Nitro before; in case of an erroneous purchase of this subscription, there is no refund or replacement with another product, you need to provide a suitable account.
➡️ When purchasing "Additional boosts for 1 month from your account" ➡ Your Full Nitro subscription must be active, and the boosts are purchased for the server you choose from your account.
➡️ When purchasing "Additional boosts for 1 month from seller´s accounts (much cheaper than from your own account)" ➡ you cannot kick the seller´s accounts from the server until the boosts expire (1 month), otherwise, they will disappear; they are purchased for the server you choose from the seller´s accounts./attention/delivery
❗➡ Subscription purchase is not possible for accounts with rambler mail and accounts on which this mail has ever been linked. (Gift subscriptions to accounts with Rambler mail can be activated!).
💬 If you have a valid subscription and try to activate a gift subscription on top of it - the gift will be added to your nitro "credit". More about nitro "credit" https://support.discord.com/hc/ru/articles/360030782312 To activate a gift from RF - sometimes you need a PROXY./delivery
28.05.2024 14:11:02
быстро, удобно и все понятно) большое спасибо продавцу ♥
27.05.2024 22:06:02
все пришло, большое спасибо
27.05.2024 18:43:18
27.05.2024 18:18:52
Пришлось немного подождать, но всё супер, спасибо! Заказываю не первый раз 👍
26.05.2024 20:11:02
Все четко спасибо!
26.05.2024 17:27:03
спасибо все быстро и супер не первый раз беру)
26.05.2024 16:42:18
Отличный продавец!
26.05.2024 15:11:05
Все супер-пупер и быстро!
26.05.2024 14:47:19
Всё очень быстро и чётко! Спасибо большое продавцу:3
25.05.2024 20:41:32
всё быстро и отлично
24.05.2024 20:52:07
Всё быстро, круто. Очень рекомендую!
24.05.2024 16:17:13
Все хорошо, подарок пришел
23.05.2024 20:10:19
Very good
23.05.2024 18:14:58
Сделали активацию нитро очень быстро за пару минут )
23.05.2024 13:19:33
Все быстро!

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